Why us?

There are a lot of screen printers out there (well, many of them actually outsource it, but pretend to screen print). So why choose Silly Toast Designs™ for your printing needs?

We consider ourselves "old school" both because we print manually. However, we also run automated presses. But we also care about developing lasting relationships with our clients.

  • We take care of our customers because the biggest compliment is a returning customer.
  • We take the time to do things right. Whether that means sending you 9 proofs until we have it perfect or staying here until midnight to get the job done.
  • We're in this business because it's fun. It's our passion. When we truly enjoy what we are doing, you reap the benefits.

A little shop info...

  • First and foremost - we do ALL of our own printing. Not ShirtSpace, not a contract printer - just us, in our own shop.
  • We use Plastisol, Water-Based, Discharge and Solvent based inks.
  • When cleaning screens, we use a soy-based product that turns the inks into a biodegradable liquid. We do our best to keep our environmental impact at a minimum.
  • Many of our designs are printed on sustainable shirts, which are made of Organic Cotton and Recycled Polyester. They are about double the price of a regular t-shirt, but we think it's worth it. We also offer 100% Organic Cotton for those cotton fans out there.
  • We also have vinyl cutters and heat presses, so 1-off t-shirts won't empty your wallet. We can also do vinyl decals, stickers, etc.
  • It's not just t-shirts and hoodies! We're always in an experimental mood. We have been screen printing on finished wood, tables and plastic bags! Bring us your project and we'll find a way to get it done - if not, we can say we tried!