There are a ton of options when it comes to t-shirt styles, fit, feel and fabric.  We created this page to help explain a few basics that we use, what sets them apart and any potential drawbacks.  This will also help explain why some t-shirts are $4.50 before printing and some are $9.00!

You can click the images, which will take you to our online catalog.  From there you can see suggested retail pricing along with color options, sizing specs, companion styles and comparable styles (if there are any).

Let's begin...

Blue 84 Junior Cut BurnoutThis is the Blue 84 Junior Cut Burnout Football t-shirt.  A mouth full, I know...  Let's break this down.

Junior cut basically means it's 2 sizes smaller than what's listed.  It's almost a "youth" size, but not in length.

If you typically wear a Medium in any old t-shirt, you probably like an XL or a Large if you like it to be form fitting.

The "burnout" aspect is slightly see-through in parts of the shirt.  We'll go into more detail in the next image below...

Measurements S M L XL
Body Length 25 1/2 26 1/2 27 1/2 28 1/2
Body Width 15 16 17 18


Bella Burnout TeeHere we have the Bella Burnout Tee.  This is not a "Junior Cut" however it's still a rather fitted tee.

The black shirt gives a better look at the "Burnout" style.  The shirt is sheer throughout, but about 50% of the area is solid so that you are keeping a little bit to the imagination.  This is a great shirt for layering colors and adding depth to your style.

Nearly all burnout shirts are a blend of Polyester and Cotton.  They typically fall in the 50/50 range.  This helps the shirt keep its shape after washing as well as offering a soft, comfortable fit.

That being said, Burnout shirts are not easy to print on.  We pretty much never print white on a dark Burnout shirt because the ink bleeds through and becomes too thick.  Keeping with a lighter colored shirt with dark ink allows for a thin layer of ink, resulting in a soft hand feel.



Bella Triblend TeeHere we have the Bella Triblend t-shirt.

Triblend shirts are the bees knees.

They are super soft, super comfortable and rather durable.

They are a blend of Cotton, Polyester and Rayon.

Typically they are rather thin shirts when compared to the industry standard Gildan t-shirt.

They hold their shape wash after wash, have a fantastic "heather" color to them (grey mixed in) and feel wonderful when worn.

They are typically about double the price of a basic 50/50 blend or 100% cotton t-shirt, but it's worth the price if it's in your budget.

Triblend shirts are available for men and women!

Bella 6004 The Favorite TeeThis is the Bella Favorite Tee (#6004).  It's considered the basic women's t-shirt, but true to Bella's roots, it's rather fitted.

Besides being a curve-hugging shirt, it's also longer in length, which tends to be the preferred style these days (we sound old).

The shirt is constructed of 100% Ringspun cotton.  Notice we threw in another new term there...  Ringspun is a process of using thin, soft strands of cotton and knitting them tightly together.
This results in a very soft shirt that feels like you've been wearing it for years.  The downside is that it will shrink when washed and dried, as with any 100% cotton shirt.

It's a little bit thicker than the Triblend shirt above, but still thinner than your basic t-shirt.  With a generous neck opening and shorter sleeves, this is a stylish "basic" t-shirt for women.

Measurements S M L XL 2XL
Body Length 26 1/4 26 3/4 27 3/8 28 28 5/8
Body Width 16 16 3/4 17 3/4 18 3/4 19 3/4
Sleeve Length 6 1/4 6 1/2 6 3/4 7 1/4 7 1/2



J. America 8260 Slub T-ShirtThis fine young lady is sporting a Slub t-shirt.

This style isn't all that new, but the demand is.

Slub is a technique where they slightly roll the cotton and/or polyester so that the fabric has lift when it's finished.

Often times, they use this technique to create a Heathered pattern (as mentioned above).

The fabric strands can also be irregular in size, which adds to the effect.

The typical Slub shirt is either 100% cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester.

The result is a super soft, light and durable t-shirt.  Also, it looks awesome.

The price is on-par with a Triblend or Organic Cotton t-shirt ($8-$9 before printing)


Alvil 779 Basic Cotton TeeThis is an example of a basic t-shirt for men.

It's 100% cotton, not super thick, but not overly thin.

The basic tee is the work hard, play hard, don't spend all of my money option.

Cotton goes very well with screen printing.  The colors are vibrant and they stay that way.

They typically offer a huge selection of colors and the price can't be beat.  The "basic" t-shirt is $4 to $5 before printing.

Other examples are the Gildan 2000, the Hanes ComfortSoft and the Fruit of the Loom HD Cotton.

All great options to give you excellent looking shirts without breaking the bank.


Anvil Ringspun Fashion Fit 980 t-shirtHere we have a Ringspun, fashion fit t-shirt for men.  They also offer a women's companion.

If you recall, Ringspun is a process where they use lightweight, tightly woven cotton to create a super-soft t-shirt.

Fashion Fit can be used interchangeably with Fitted, but there are definitely varying degrees of a fitted shirt out there.

This one tends to sit comfortably in middle of the spectrum.

Think of Fashion Fit as not being a boxy, Gildan t-shirt.  It fits the body like a shirt should.

Beware: these shirts will shrink (and sometimes quite a bit as with the Gildan 64000). 

This shrinkage is pretty standard with 100% Ringspun cotton t-shirts.  Try to keep them away from the dryer at high heat!


Anvil 450 Sustainable T-ShirtWe saved the best for last!

This is the Anvil Sustainable shirt (product #450).

It's a 50/50 blend of Organic Cotton and Recycled Polyester.

This blend results in a super soft, durable and awesome looking shirt!

The price reflects the quality, as it's around $9 before printing, but it's oh-so worth it.

Anvil also makes a 100% Organic Cotton t-shirt, which is a bit less and still an awesome shirt.

The color selection is limited and half of them are heather (we love heather).

In our 4 years of doing this, this is hands-down our favorite shirt!